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Kel Dansby

Today, is being heralded as the greatest MMA fighter of all-time, but if you ask him he's far from done writing the story of his career.

Johnson realizes what it means to tie 's UFC title defense record, however, his plans are to put the record out of reach and stake his claim as the greatest UFC champion ever.

What's next for Demetrious Johnson? Not a fight against current bantamweight champion .

"The whole thing with Cody [Garbrandt], I'm not really worried about it dude'" said Johnson.

"I have nothing but love for the guy, but at the same time, he just won a belt. I've defended it 10 times and I've been in the sport longer than he has. If Cody comes down to 125[lbs] and the UFC deems him ready for a title shot, perfect, we can get 'em up."

Johnson's current focus is breaking the UFC title defense record, and rightfully so, because there are still hungry fighters in the flyweight division that are determined to dethrone the king, but he's also extremely aware that he's approaching uncharted territory.

Mighty Mouse spoke about not only wanting to break Anderson Silva's record but putting it far out of reach.

"Any champion in the UFC, or any sport, the Chicago Bulls when Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman were together; they wanted to get as many championships as they could," Johnson explained.

"For me, I got 10 [titles] and I can take this belt home, and hopefully next time I fight I can break it. I might go for 13 or 14, why not set the bar high? Usain Bolt is the fastest man on land, I'm the fastest man in mixed martial arts. So, I'm going to keep on proving that and hopefully set it [the record] to like 15. Then I'll retire."

Johnson's thirst for knowledge and quest to improve is his greatest attribute. It's what sets him apart from any other MMA fighter and it is why no one blinks an eye when he says he plans to defend his title 15+ times.


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