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What's left to be said about Demetrious '' Johnson?

After another stunning performance last evening at , the UFC flyweight champion spoke to about his latest victory. After beating Wilson Reis in every facet of the fight, even Johnson himself admitted he was impressed by the way he handled the Brazilian.

"Yeah, it was good man," Johnson said. "Wilson Reis is a tough guy and I was just focused in for this camp. Me and my coaches went back to doing what we do best. We looked at my old videos, like I used to do as an amateur, and I think that's what's made me successful. I'm grateful to show my stuff to Kansas City and my coaches. This is just the beginning and I'm going to go back home and look at all the things I did wrong in this fight and go back out for the next one."

Despite everyone marvelling at his performance, Johnson wasn't totally satisfied with the fight and insisted that he still had areas in which he needs to improve.

"There were a couple of times when he had his hands up and I should've stayed in the pocket, made him miss, and then come over the top with some strikes," Johnson said. "I had him covered up and I should've taken advantage of it, but every fight you got to fight different. My takedown defence was perfect and I fixed a lot of things for this fight."

The flyweight champion then heaped praise on another world champion, Bibiano Fernandes. Johnson said that the bantamweight champion had been a key part of his camp preparing for Reis.

"Bibiano came down and helped me out a lot with my grappling," Johnson said. "He helped me a lot with my takedown defence. Me being a wrestler, I didn't win state championships, I didn't even go to college and wrestle. I'm now wrestling guys with NCAA titles and for me, with Matt, it's just like, 'how do I fix this? Tell me what I'm doing wrong'. It's always great to be able to spar with your coaches."

Having won his tenth title defence in a row, Johnson said that for now at least, it was all about going back home to his family.

"I'm going to go back home, get healthy, it's my son's birthday today," Johnson said. "Yeah go back home, take the kids and my wife to Disney for her thirtieth birthday, and just keep on getting better. I love doing this sport, I love fighting, I love just growing as an athlete, and lets see what happens. I'm very excited."

With just one more win required to take the successive title defences record outright, no doubt his attempt to make it eleven in a row will follow shortly.


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