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Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson is on the brink of UFC history. His ten successful title defenses tie Anderson Silva for the longest streak in UFC history and he's focused on breaking the record sooner rather than later.

Many believe Mighty Mouse has cleared out his division and should move up in weight for new challenges, but the champion is content making history at 125 lbs. The UFC has exhausted all measures when trying to present Johnson with fresh opponents. The UFC has thrown Johnson in with world-class jiu-jitsu practitioners, Olympic caliber wrestlers, and top contenders multiple times. They've even devoted an entire season of 'The Ultimate Fighter' to scour the globe for a competitor worthy of Mighty Mouse's title.

All attempts have been rendered obsolete by Johnson's undeniable greatness.

For that reason, MMA fans went into a mini-frenzy when Dana White announced his intentions to book as Johnson's next title challenger.

Dillashaw was looking forward to fighting current UFC bantamweight champion for the opportunity to regain the title, but an injury to Garbrandt forced the cancellation of their main event. Naturally, Dillashaw was excited about Dana White's announcement, but Johnson felt a different way about the comments.

Dillashaw shrugged off Mighty Mouse's dismissal and opted for a fan vote. Dillashaw asked his Twitter followers who'd they'd rather see challenge Johnson in Seattle, himself or flyweight contender Ray Borg?

took exemption to the poll because of the obviously bias sample pool.

T.J. tried to let Borg know that he means no disrespect by trying to jump him for a title shot, but who are we fooling? It's an inadvertent slap in the face.

If you remove the hurt from Borg's message, you'd be able to see that he is onto something. The "McGregorization" of the UFC is spreading at an alarming rate. Before McGregor was handed the opportunity to fight on short notice for the interim UFC featherweight title at , interim belts were hard to come by. Champions would normally be shelved for over a year before an interim title was handed out, but not for McGregor.

We now see interim title flying off the shelves like Tapout gear before an early-2000s UFC event. "McGregorization" doesn't stop there either. We now see champions, or in this case, former champions, feel entitled to jump around weight classes and challenge for titles immediately. McGregor was afforded the opportunity twice, once in a canceled bout with Rafael dos Anjos and another when he defeated Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight championship at .

We have since seen Georges St-Pierre return from hiatus and scheduled for a middleweight title shot, a division he didn't compete in before his departure. Bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt also flirted with the idea of dropping down and challenging Mighty Mouse before being booked to fight Dillashaw.

Truth be told, few outside of McGregor have the the pull to ask and receive these accommodations, but we've seen more and more athletes try since McGregor paved the way.

At the very least, it's commendable of Johnson to stand up for the traditional MMA way of earning a title opportunity and proving yourself in a division before taking a shot at the champ.

Let's see if Dana White respects that or if he sways Mighty Mouse by offering the $1 million payday he's publicly requested.


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