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is one title defense away from tying Anderson Silva's record of ten consecutive title defenses. With his latest being an impressive showing against the gutsy but outgunned , it almost looks inevitable that he'll tie it.

But the question now is with whom and where will his next fight be?

Mighty Mouse said that he plans to take some time to heal up after his fight with Elliott at The Ultimate Fighter 24 Finale. And when he does return, he isn't quite sure who his next fight will be against -- although all signs point toward a third fight with Joseph Benavidez -- but he knows exactly where he wants the fight to be.

“Vegas. Always Vegas,” Johnson said at the press conference following his victory at The Palms in Las Vegas. “Same time zone (as the West Coast), and stuff’s open. I’m about to get some food, and it’s 11:30 at night."

Usually, fighters don't care where they fight. They are normally more concerned with who they are facing. But considering that Johnson has effectively cleaned out the entire division, he's interested in the location of his next fight. And if there's one place he wants to continue to fight, it's Las Vegas.

"I don’t want to fight at 1 o’clock in the morning. I always love fighting in Vegas, and I’ll choose Vegas around any place in the world.”

While it seems likely that Benavidez will face Johnson next, you never know what the UFC may have up their sleeve. After all, Johnson has already defeated Benavidez twice, with their last fight finding Mighty Mouse scoring an emphatic first round knockout. But Johnson doesn't care who he has to face in order to tie Anderson Silva's record. No matter who it is, he'll be ready because that's just who he is. Ultimately, it's not about the fight as much as it is the journey.

“I’m a self-motivator,” he said. “I didn’t get in to this sport to become a world champion. I got in to this sport to become a better mixed martial artist. And a long time ago, (my coach) Matt (Hume) was like, ‘If you’re goal is to become champion, you’re lost. I can offer you way more than becoming champion.’ I was like, ‘Interesting. Let me find what this path leads me to.'”


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