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Josh Molina

A pre-fight press conference to hype the March 4th welterweight unification title bout between Danny Garcia and Keith Thurman erupted into an ugly display of verbal violence when Angel Garcia hurled the "N word" several times in an outburst directed at Thurman.

Thurman did a good job maintaining his composure in the face of the offensive insults. Angel Garcia, at one point, grabbed his son's championship belt and strapped it around his own shoulder and blurted:

"I'm the f---ing champ. He's (pointing to his son) going to f-ck you up."

Thurman responded with: "let's see how he talks when his son is laying out on the mat."

Carcia then again screamed "you getting f---ed up," prompting Thurman to walk toward him. Angel Garcia then approached him and everyone stood up, including the media at the Barclay's Center where the press conference was held, and the presser degenerated into a shout-fest.

Angel Garcia insulted immigrants, praised Donald Trump and slung more racial insults. Danny Garcia stood up briefly when Thurman approached his father, but otherwise sat there smiling and looking uncomfortable.

Thurman praised Danny Garcia during the press conference, but said he has met his match.

Both fighters are undefeated. Garcia is 33-0, with 19 KOs and Thurman is 27-0-1, with 22 KOs.


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