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headliner Daniel Cormier is truly something of a Renaissance man. Aside from becoming the UFC's light heavyweight champion in just 6 fights, Cormier also serves as both a color commentator and analyst for the promotion, regularly managing to steal the show on many of the UFC's broadcasts on FOX. How anyone cannot love the guy is honestly a mystery to us.

But Cormier's diversity in (and around) the Octagon is only outmatched by his Swiss army knife-like accomplishments outside of it, as our latest edition of Hashtags & Haymakers reveals.

Fighter, Father, Olympian, Coach

Those are just a few of the titles that Cormier boasts when he isn't kicking ass in the cage, and it's kind of hard to imagine just how the guy manages to fit it all in from day to day, let alone include time for his actual hobbies, which include taking awkward pictures of Dominick Cruz and absolutely marking out over any and everything pro wrestling related.

This weekend, Cormier will look to add to his already stellar resume with a dominant performance over Anthony Johnson. While "DC" has already stated his intentions to do the unthinkable and trade hands with "Rumble", one has to imagine that he'll use his time in the spotlight to once again showcase his incredibly varied skillset if the opportunity arises.


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