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If UFC light heavyweight champion ends up fighting Jon Jones again, don't expect to see Snoop Dogg in DC's corner.

The rapper and mixed martial arts fanatic had some choice words for the champ following his submission win over Anthony Johnson at . Snoop sent "Bones" a message via social media, saying that once his suspension is up, Jones needs to kick Cormier's "MFing ass."

As a fan of the Doggfather, DC recently told TMZ Sports that he was a bit bummed by Snoop's comments, saying that "it sucks so bad" to be bad-mouthed by someone that he used to look up to.

"I'm a fan of Snoop's, so I don't know what Snoop's issue is with me," Cormier said. "I think him and Jon have some sort of relationship, previous to him seeing my fight."

While DC said that the rapper can cheer for whomever he wants, the former wrestler plans to win Snoop's allegiance by beating his pal Jones inside the Octagon.

"He can cheer for who he wants, he can just be disappointed after I beat Jon Jones," Cormier said. "Sorry Uncle Snoop, you can be friends with Jon, but you'll want to be my friend after I whoop your boy."

DC also threw some shade at Snoop and Jones for their affinity towards cannabis.

"We all know Uncle Snoop is a big advocate of the Mary Jane, and we all know Jon's problems," Cormier joked. "Maybe that's the bond that connects them."

And if Jones decides to enter the cage accompanied by Snoop, Cormier has the perfect person to join him on fight night: Lil' Wayne.

"We'll have Lil' Wayne walk me to the Octagon if Snoop walks Jon Jones," Cormier said.


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