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Amy Kaplan

After submitting and subsequently retiring feared striker Anthony Johnson, UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier is wasting no time in booking his next fight. And if you go by Cormier's official twitter account, it looks like it might be a showdown with Jimi Manuwa.

The pair have been going at it on Twitter since Cormier defeated at UFC 210 and had some acrid comments aimed at Manuwa during his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, but they took it to the next level today by taunting each other about a proposed fight.

"Sign the deal champ," wrote Manuwa.

"I did. I'll smash you any day bum," Cormier wrote. "You will get embarrassed. You and I both know it. Now you get what you asked for. You won't last a round."

If Manuwa says that there's a deal in place, and Cormier responds by saying that he has signed it, does that mean the fight is on? If so, where at? Could we be seeing the pair at ? Of course, this all could be a publicity stunt, as we have seen this kind of talk before without an actual fight ever happening.

Only time will tell.

Manuwa is coming off two consecutive wins, including a first round KO over Corey Anderson at UFC Fight Night 107. Cormier is on a four-fight win streak, including two title defenses.


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