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At next weekend, Daniel Cormier will look to defend his light heavyweight title in a rematch against Anthony "Rumble" Johnson, one of the hardest hitters in the sport and a guy who briefly had Cormier in some huge trouble when they first collided at UFC 187. While "DC" has vowed to beat Johnson worse than he did the first time, the tide has slowly begun to shift (if ever-so-slightly) in Johnson's favor in the past couple of weeks, with fans and media members alike citing Cormier's most recent performance against Anderson Silva as evidence that he might have lost a little pep in his step since the duo's first encounter.

In any case, Cormier isn't having it.

"I have no idea what people are talking about. I fought Anderson Silva on two days’ notice and I beat a guy who people consider the greatest fighter of all-time, 30-26 across the board,” Cormier said. "There was no danger in that fight. That was the easiest fight of my entire career."

To which we say....really?

I'm not saying that Cormier didn't defeat Silva with relative ease at UFC 200, but to call it the easiest fight of his career seems...crazy, right? Off the top of my head, I can name at least three fights that must have been a lot easier for Cormier, which I will now list off in order to prove this absolutely nitpicky but completely necessary point.

#1: Pat Cummins

I mean, c'mon. With all due respect to Pat Cummins (or as Cormier pronounces it, "Cummings"), the man had absolutely nothing to offer Cormier when he was plucked out of obscurity – or rather, the Starbucks drive-thru window – to replace an injured Rashad Evans at UFC 170. After talking a whole lotta mess about making Cormier cry while training with him for the 2004 Olympics, breaking a sacred wrestler's code in the process, Cummins landed just 8 significant strikes before having his lights shut out by the future champion. The total fight time? A mere 89 seconds.

Difficulty rating: Piece of cake

#2: John Devine

I'll be honest, I have no idea who this John Devine character is, but according to Sherdog, he was just the second opponent Cormier faced as a professional. The two met on a Strikeforce Challengers card in 2010, and the result was a KO win for Cormier in just over a minute. If you mean to tell me that any obstacle Cormier faced in this fight was more trying than that nasty body kick Silva hit him with in their fight, then I will kindly ask you to close the door behind you on the way out.

Difficulty rating: Level 1-1 on the original Mario

#3: Dan Henderson

Look, we all love Dan Henderson, but to act as if his fight against Cormier at UFC 173 was anything but a crime punishable by imprisonment would be plain ridiculous. Here you have a 43-year-old natural middleweight taking on a 35-year-old natural heavyweight for God knows what reason, and the result was as you might expect: an absolute domination by the bigger man than included the kind of slams you're only used to seeing in a fight between siblings.

Seriously, if not for the fact that Hendo could still H-bomb the stuffing out of 75% of the roster on his worst day, then this fight almost certainly would have resulted in the UFC's first in-ring death. In other words, it was definitely easier than winning a three round decision over the GOAT.

Difficulty rating: This scene from Almost Heroes

So in conclusion...uhh, Daniel Cormier is wrong, I guess. I have honestly forgotten what point I set out to prove with this article and just wanted an excuse to pimp Almost Heroes. You should watch Almost Heroes.


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