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It might be hard to detect, due to the man's seemingly perpetually sunny disposition, but UFC 210 headliner has been through a lot of trials and tribulations in his life. Enough to crush a person two times over, really.

After losing his father in a horrific shooting at just eight years old, Cormier was again greeted by tragedy in the summer of 2003, when his daughter was killed in an automobile accident.

Understandably, Cormier has shied away from discussing either incident in the public eye for the most part. However, during an appearance on Highly Questionable, the light heavyweight champion spoke of the many misfortunes he has suffered in his life, and how they helped shape him as the man he is today.

Speaking on everything from the death of his daughter to his father's murder to being bullied as a child, Cormier maintained that it was those hardships that ultimately motivated him to heights he never previously thought he could achieve.

“With all the stuff that’s happened, there’s ways of looking at it. I thought I could still honor her, my daughter Kaedyn, with everything I do going forward. You can either let it crush you or allow it to actually, like, elevate you," offered Cormier. "I had never been on a U.S. world team, and after Kaedyn passed, she became my motivation and my inspiration, and I made six straight US teams, two Olympic teams, and done what I've done in fighting. Every day I still try to represent that little girl that I remember as just a baby.”

It's honestly hard not to mist up a bit while listening to Cormier describe his outlook on life despite all that has happened to him, and just one of the many reasons we love the guy.

Of course, Cormier now has two young children to inspire with his own accomplishments, which will only be added to should he defeat at UFC 210 this weekend.


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