ByElias Cepeda, writer at
Elias Cepeda

The previously unbeaten juggernaut, Ronda Rousey has now lost two fights in just over a year. According to her promoter, UFC president Dana White, the "Rowdy" one is taking this latest defeat a bit better than she did the previous one.

“I went backstage after and hung out with her for probably 40-45 minutes,” White recently told ESPN's SportsCenter.

“I’ll tell you this: She’s in better spirits this time than she was after the Holly [Holm] fight [at UFC 193 in Nov. 2015). She’s very competitive. She does not like to lose. She loves to win, and she loves to do what she sets out to do.”

White didn't say whether or not he believed that would continue to fight after losing to Amanda Nunes Friday night in the main event. Whatever she decides to do, however, White correctly pointed out that she was the driving force behind his ending his ban on female athletes and in growing popularity of women fighters in the UFC.

“It wasn’t her night, and none of this would be here without Ronda Rousey,”he concluded.

“Ronda Rousey built this. She talked me into letting women come into the UFC, and it was the smartest thing I’ve ever done. Regardless of whether she comes back, she doesn’t come back – she’s a winner. She built this whole thing.”


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