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Amy Kaplan

Sunday night's main event ended in the first round after a controversial stoppage by referee "Mario Mazzagatti" (whose real name is Mario Yamasaki) when he stopped a fight despite Michael Chiesa never tapping, and UFC president is none too happy about it.

It happened just seconds before the first round bell rang when Kevin Lee had Chiesa in a tight rear-naked choke. Chiesa was clearly still awake when Yamasaki called the fight to a halt, inciting outrage from Chiesa and the pros.

"Mario Mazzagatti does it again!!! This guy is more concerned with doing this dumb ass heart bullshit then Ref'n the fight!!! Steals a great moment from Lee or let Mike fight it or tap. Nobody gives a shit that u can make a heart with ur hands like a 12 year old girl they want u to pay attention to what's going on in the fight and do ur job," wrote White on his official Instagram account.

White referred to Mario as "Mazzagatti" in reference to another referee he's had issue with in the past.


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