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Amy Kaplan

It seems like every day produces a new update on the highly-anticipated bout between boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather and UFC champion Conor McGregor, and today is no different. Last we heard, UFC president Dana White admitted that the fight was taking longer than expected because of him, and today he's announced that he and McGregor are finally on the same page, as far as terms of the fight go.

"Conor and I have agreed on a deal," White said to Fancy Combat. "Then, you get a bunch of lawyers involved, and it gets stupid."

Don't get excited just yet; the UFC still needs to agree to terms with Mayweather's camp, which could be a whole new battle.

"I would like to get it done this Sunday and start negotiating with Team Mayweather," he said. "If that deal can get done, then we'll get it done. If we can't, then we need to move on."

Although this negotiation could take some time, we do know that the fight will happen this year, if it ever does.

"It's either going to happen this year, or it's never gonna happen," he said.

So, has there been any real progress at all? Unfortunately, only time will tell.


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