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Amy Kaplan

UFC President Dana White has allowed UFC lightweight Conor McGregor some leeway when it comes to his career in MMA, probably because of the revenue he brings to the sport. But now that news has broken that his star fighter has applied, and been given, a boxing license, he's feeling a little confused.

“I have no idea what Conor is doing,” White said to Yahoo Sports. “Conor’s Conor. He does his thing. But he’s under contract to me. Who knows with this guy? Who knows what he is up to. I just let Conor be Conor."

The license is a step in the direction of a potential superfight with Floyd Mayweather, which White has denied for months will actually happen.

"It’s fun to talk about this fight and what might happen," he said. "But what commission would let that fight happen? Really, think about that.”

Well, apparently the state of California might?

There's no word on if this fight will actually take place, but McGregor and Mayweather fans are waiting with baited breath.


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