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Amy Kaplan

UFC president Dana White has insisted that the bout that was previously announced between UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre is off. If you didn't believe him before, he's gone as far as announce what he plans to do with GSP once he's ready to fight.

And those plans have nothing to do with Michael Bisping or the UFC middleweight title.

"[St-Pierre] says he will fight whoever the 170-pound champion is when he comes back," White told TSN today.

St-Pierre was meant to make his middleweight debut after returning to the Octagon later this year, but since that plan seems to have fallen through, the UFC will have GSP return to the division he was once king of and face whoever is champion at the time.

Bisping, who claims still has not been officially notified that the fight is off, will potentially face Yoel Romero, according to White.

"We're trying to put together that Bisping-Romero fight," White said. "If [Bisping] can't fight this summer, we'll probably create an interim title between Romero and Robert Whittaker."

is recovering knee surgery, and St-Pierre is unwilling to fight until late 2017, the UFC would like both men to fight sooner — but no longer with each other.


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