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Kel Dansby

No UFC press conference would be complete without Dana White fielding a question about the alleged Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather boxing match, so it comes as no surprise that White had to once again provide a timetable for a fight that is currently little more than speculation.

Despite not being close to a deal, Dana White did admit that talks were going to heat up in the near future.

"Conor is having a baby any day now and after Conor has his baby we will meet in New York."

"I see this fight happening. Conor wants it and Floyd wants it. I've said it many times, Conor has done a lot and stepped up in big fights for this company, and for me, and for Lorenzo. I can't deny him this fight.

Dana White also went off on Jeff Mayweather and Bob Arum during his comments.

"What I would like to clarify is all the bulls*** about the 80 f***ing 20 split. Jeff Mayweather...Come on Jeff. Me and Jeff go way back. Jeff, are you the spokesman now for f***ing Team Mayweather? And Bob Arum you piece of s***, f*** you too. What do they know about this fight? You want to know what they know about this fight, nothing. "

It's obvious that the McGregor-Mayweather situation is wearing thin on all involved and entertaining the match is the only way for the circus around it to subside.

Still, Dana White made it clear that he's been in contact with Mayweather's team.


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