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MMA newcomer is well aware that the Ronda Rousey comparisons will follow her as she prepares to venture into the sport.

's judo reputation preceded her into MMA and Dern is even more accomplished in jiu-jitsu. In fact, Dern has gone on record saying that she'd defeat Rousey in a grappling competition.

Dern is currently the #1 female jiu-jitsu practitioner in the world, which is why she was instantly compared to Rousey prior to making her MMA debut in July of 2016.

UFC President has taken notice of Dern and doesn't rule out seeing her make the jump to the highest level eventually.

“We’ve been checking her out. She’s a little bad ass,” Dana White told TMZ. “You never know how good somebody’s going to be until they get in there and start fighting the best in the world."

Will she be the next Ronda Rousey? White isn't ready to place that label on her just yet.

Dern is a perfect 3-0 in her MMA career but she is far from a finished product. Rousey only had six fights before making the jump to the UFC and Dern is on a similar path. Rousey was able to capture the Strikeforce bantamweight title in those six fights, it's yet to be seen how fast Dern will be able to challenge for a title in her current promotion, Legacy FC.

Until then, Dern's biggest battle is with the scale. She's struggled to make weight in consecutive strawweight (115 pound) bouts, which means a move to flyweight is presumably in her future. It'd be a big challenge for Dern, but coming from a woman who defeated the 210lb Gaby Garcia in an open weight jiu-jitsu tournament, it shouldn't be a task she'll find intimidating.

Dana White has publicly campaigned for the UFC to add a women's flyweight division in the near future, and he may have just found the face of it in Mackenzie Dern.

“There’s not going to be a division for a while, but the next division when there is one will be 125,” said White during a UFC 193 Q&A session.

Dern now has to hold up her end of the bargain in the cage.


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