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As we creep ever closer to the UFC's tentpole event at Madison Square Garden in November, the verbal back-and-forth between UFC President Dana White and Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor continues to leave both fans and fighters baffled about what we can expect post-UFC 205.

Appearing on SportsCenter earlier this week, White was adamant that, should McGregor best UFC Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205, he would be forced to vacate one of his titles, adding that McGregor "has some personal stuff going on right now that he'll announce when he's ready."

At the UFC 205 press conference just days later; however, the "Notorious" Irishman stated his intentions to defend both belts simultaneously regardless of the UFC's wishes, stating that "they're gonna need [an] ... army to take these belts."

But with Interim Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo now campaigning for his UFC release and citing the UFC's favoritism of McGregor as one of his main reasons for requesting his contract be terminated, White's hand is all but being forced to reign in "Mystic Mac" before things spiral out of control.

Luckily for White, Aldo, and every other fighter within the organization who is enraged by the preferential treatment of McGregor, it seems that the "personal stuff" White has been hinting at will be the deciding factor to where McGregor ultimately ends up. According to the UFC boss, McGregor's upcoming announcement will be something "completely out of left field."

"Listen, I battled this thing forever, said White when asked about McGregor's future. [Holding onto both belts] is not fair to Jose Aldo, it’s not fair to Khabib and Max Holloway," " White told WFAN's Outside The Cage podcast. "So, believe me, I battled with this thing but there are … how can I say this? There are other circumstances involved in this that will be played out after the fight."

"It’s something completely out of left field but it’s Conor’s business, it’s not mine, and I’ll let Conor announce it when he’s ready to."

With speculation ranging from a potential fight with Floyd Mayweather, to the idea that McGregor's longtime girlfriend, Dee Devlin, might be pregnant, it seems that we're just going to have to wait until November 12th to get a handle on what is quickly becoming one of the most talked-about stories in MMA. I hope, for Jose Aldo's sake, that the interim champion can remain just as patient as the rest of us, but something tells me that he won't.


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