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Amy Kaplan

So I guess we can put the retirement rumors to rest.

A source within Dan Henderson's camp told Senior Editor Erik Fontanez on Wednesday that Henderson would like to fight newly crowned UFC Middleweight Champ Michael Bisping.

Of course he does!

Henderson, you might recall, just won his last fight via a stunning KO the same night that Bisping did the same to Luke Rockhold. It's unlikely anyone thought this match-up wouldn't come up.

Henderson faced Bisping back in 2009 at UFC 100 when he defeated the now-champ via second round knockout, so it's not exactly a shock he'd want another shot at him now.

Both men are pioneers of the sport and a rematch would be sure to draw attention, especially with a belt involved. But it's been a long time since the two were in the Octagon together and we saw the hammerfist to end all hammerfists. A lot has changed.

We see a fighter who has knockout power, despite what critics say, in Bisping. But even though Henderson put on a stellar performance, I'm not sure how many more of those he has left in him. The same could be said for Bisping.

No matter what this is a fight I would LOVE to see, with or without the belt in question.


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