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There’s been a lot of news around the community lately; Conor had to give up the featherweight belt, suspensions galore, whisperings of a union coming together, etc. What I want to focus on, though, are some recent comments by two people I’ve either had past dealings with, or will be meeting in the future—Mike Bisping and Jon Jones.

We’ll start with Mike since there are a couple topics to address. The first one is his response to Yoel Romero being named as his next opponent. Both Bisping and Weidman questioned whether Romero should be competing since he manages to create advantages for himself through some very sketchy methods.

Yoel has been steeped in controversy over his last few fights, going back to Tim Kennedy and “stoolgate.” He’s been called out for:

  • Fence grabbing
  • Trying to hold onto his opponent’s gloves
  • Eyepokes (even at UFC 205 he poked Weidman in the eye)
  • Drenching himself in water
  • Staying on his stool in the corner after the bell has rung

I don’t much worry about his failed test since USADA gave him a reduced suspension because they found his supplements to be tainted. As an athlete in the UFC, you have to believe that USADA is doing their job. If they excused him and gave him a lighter penalty, you kind of have to trust their system. He was excused after their investigation, and you can’t—you shouldn’t—hold that particular incident against him.

Now, as far as the other things Mike is saying about him, the things I listed above, I agree with his sentiments 100%. Romero does this stuff to get an unfair advantage. When that whole thing with the water went down, I was yelling at my TV.

That needs to be brought up prior to his fights now. Get the referee and the commission together and make sure that if it happens again, they get a handle on it right away. Right now, he gets away with a lot. They can talk with Romero and his corner beforehand and tell them, ‘Look, if this happens at any time during the fight, any of these things, you’re going to lose a point.’

Adam Hunger/USA TODAY Sports
Adam Hunger/USA TODAY Sports

I will say this; it doesn’t surprise me that Mike would say he doesn’t want to fight Romero. He doesn’t want to fight me again either. I believe his words were, ‘He can wait seven f*cking years.’ That’s okay, Mike…I’d still beat your ass seven years from now.

Now, onto Jon Jones who I will be facing at Submission Underground 2 next month. I saw some interview he did where he said that he’d put high level wrestlers on their ass and planned to do the same to me. Sit down, kid. You’re letting your mouth write checks you can’t possibly make good on. I’ll be taking one of your arms home with me.

I’ve got a few favorite submission moves, but I’m pretty partial to armbars and leglocks. Vitor did a pretty good job with an armbar on Jonny four or five years back. I plan on going the extra mile to get the job done.


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