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Cris Cyborg hasn't been shy of a word or two for Germaine da Randamie since the Dutch fighter turned down a fight against her.

The Brazilian will face Megan Anderson at for the now vacant UFC women's featherweight title, but there are still no shortage of questions being asked about her thoughts on de Randamie.

Speaking to Submission Radio earlier this week, Cyborg it very clear why she thinks the former champion didn't want to defend her title against her.

“I think she’s scared, she don’t want to fight," Cyborg said. "I don’t think it’s an issue about money. I don’t know, maybe it’s about money, she wants more money, doesn’t see more money. And about [her] saying I’m a cheater, I’m cheater, it’s the same excuse that Ronda Rousey used. It’s the same excuse Ronda Rousey [used] before I was gonna fight her, 'Oh she’s cheater'. Everybody saw when she fought someone who punched like Holly Holm did to her, then she retired and then all the girls, no one fights me and find excuses [why] they don’t want to fight me and they call me cheater."

Cyborg believes that the introduction of the USADA program has taken away the opportunity for any fighters to use that excuse anymore. She also pointed out the fact that she was enrolled before any other fighter on the roster was.

"For me, it don’t change because I have the same program that all the fighters in the UFC [are under] USADA," Cyborg said. "And the first fight before the UFC, I signed one year with USADA. USADA [was] testing me before all my fights, before I went to the UFC for one year and then this is proof I’m a clean athlete. And these guys, no one trusts USADA? You know, it’s the best. They have this job [to] show us the fighter stays clean. You know, for me it don’t change my life, I just keep training and wait.”

With that all now behind her, Cyborg finally gets the chance to fight for the title on July 29 when she faces Anderson. For the Brazilian, it's a dream come true and it's the fight she's been waiting for ever since she entered the UFC.

“You know, it’s the one thing I’m really happy," Cyborg said. After two years I’m gonna fight in my division at 145 and this has really changed the move for training, you know, I’m training really more motivated because it’s less stress about weight, just focus more on the training. I’m very excited to fight for the belt. And for me, I’m gonna defend my belt and fight Megan Anderson. So for me it’s really nice because she holds the Invicta belt now and I think it will be like a unification [bout]. We were supposed to fight before and then it’ll be amazing, we’re gonna fight for title belt in the UFC at 145.”

Anderson vs. Cyborg will serve as the co-main event at on July 29 in Anaheim, California.

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