ByJason Nawara, writer at
Jason Nawara

Evangelista Santos was the first "Cyborg" in MMA (before his ex-wife Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos took on the moniker), and it's easy to see why. Over his nearly twenty-year career, Cyborg has found himself wading through punches like a machine, and no fight exemplifies this more than his legendary bout against Melvin Manhoef.

Today, Santos announced his retirement, so it is our duty as MMA fans to watch this classic slugfest.

Of course, Cyborg has more than just one fight to show off. His highlight reel is full of ultraviolence. He was doing battle with Chute Boxe's Shogun Rua (a former teammate) in the early years of MMA, took on Brazilian legend Jose Landis-Jons in the final fight of a three-fight tournament in 1997, and brought Nick Diaz to the limit in their Strikeforce welterweight title fight.

They won't make many more like Cyborg. He was a born fighter.

If this is the end for the 39-year-old Brazilian, hopefully he won't be remembered solely as the guy who had his head caved-in by Michael Page. Even if it's what caused him to finally retire.


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