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Over the weekend, the story that permeated from the UFC Athlete Retreat was the incident that involved Cris "Cyborg" Justino allegedly punching fellow fighter Angela Magana after confronting Magana about a series of online bullying incidents.

Now that the dust has settled, Cyborg has taken to her official Facebook account to give her side of the story.

Justino, who has spoken out on online bullying previously, never names or gives exact details about the incident, but she does give a motive for her actions.

"It is no secret I have been a victim of online bullying," Justino wrote on her Facebook page on Monday. "At times in my career, it has felt like their has been a team of writers using the internet to shape the public’s vision of my company’s brand, often attempting to make me look like the face of anabolic abuse in the sport of MMA. While it has been years since someone has said I looked like 'Wanderlei Silva in a dress,' it doesn’t feel that long ago that I was listening to someone give me advice on how cutting off my dick would help me to make 135lbs easier. When people see these actions of people high profile in the company being promoted through social media without consequence or even a public apology, they see it as an acceptable behavior within the company and often view it as an encouraged opportunity at self-promotion. It should never be acceptable for a company to allow their employees to develop a culture where sexual harassment, racial prejudices, or female discrimination are acceptable in the work place."

Justino cites the time that UFC president Dana White imitated her at a UFC presser and the time that UFC commentator Joe Rogan referenced her having male genitalia.

The confrontation seems to stem from a photo that Magana posted insulting Cris' appearance during a visit that she made to a children's hospital.

"For me, it is simple to see the things I value. I am a family girl from Brazil who is not impressed by the lights of the show and the sound of the radio," she wrote. While I do place some value in money, I also know the joys of working for a company that values respect, loyalty, and honesty amongst its associates and discourages a workplace where sexual harassment, racial prejudices, and discrimination against females fighters is acceptable promotion."

According to a police report obtained by TMZ, Cyborg has been cited with misdemeanor battery charges, but she was not arrested. The UFC has yet to comment on the matter or her future with the promotion. She is scheduled to appear at , but an opponent has yet to be named.


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