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Kel Dansby

MMA fans have clamored for a Ronda Rousey vs. Cris Cyborg fight for nearly a decade, but unfortunately, the chances of seeing the two women stand toe-to-toe in an Octagon seems bleak.

The two looked to be on a collision course in the UFC, but Ronda's devasting losses the past two years and Cyborg's difficult weight cuts kept their superfight from occurring.

The UFC has added the women's featherweight (145lb) championship specifically for Cyborg, and it's only a matter of time before she challenges Germaine de Randamie for the belt, especially with recent news of her vacating the Invicta championship.

"After her victory, [Germaine de Randamie] at 145 pounds, the UFC determined that she will be the No. 1 contender for my title belt," Cyborg said. "I'm healthy now and I'm strong, and I really want to show my fans why I'm still 10 years undefeated at 145 pounds."

That's still far off from the spectacle of Cyborg vs. Rousey, but Cyborg seems to have a plan to satisfy those fans and make a decent amount of money while doing it.

Cyborg was recently training professional wrestling moves with her friend and TNA wrestler Gabriela “Gabi” Castrovinci when she tweeted this offer to Ronda Rousey.

It's clear that Cyborg is still unaware how contracts and wrestling promotions work, but the thought of her and Rousey handling their business in a WWE ring is intriguing.

Cyborg has some natural moves inside the ring and we've already seen Ronda at WrestleMania.

The only question remains is who will Vince McMahon put over, like there's really any question, and how fun the two could make it.

All jokes aside, this isn't going to happen, but in a world post-Mayweather vs. McGregor talks, we will see more of these outlandish challenges being thrown around.


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