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Everyone has seen the picture by now.

smiling, lip protruding with a giant lump of dip and his arm around Donald Trump, standing there complete with a stone face and a fist pose. The only thing more hilarious about it is probably "" Cerrone's t-shirt.

Well, the story about how it all went down is pretty funny as well. Luckily, got to hear all about , marijuana and a potential fighter's union today from Cerrone himself.

"I was out hunting and Tim Kennedy called me and said the secret service and Donald Trump want to meet us," Cerrone said, already starting to chuckle. "We need to clear you on a background check. I said 'aw f-ck, alright'."

In his signature cowboy hat, Cerrone talked about the "crazy, wild, fun' hanging out backstage with Trump." Cerrone also attended the rally with Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, who he assures made a "nice little donation" to the event. He went on to say that Trump isn't that bad, he claimed people are just misinformed.

"He's not just like a racist bigot you know, like, oh, 'he wants to build a wall and scam the Mexicans outta' here', no he doesn't. I understand that's what your aunt is telling you while she's drinking wine on Saturday night, but that's not really what's happening," Cerrone said. "Do we go with the indicted chick who's full of sh-t, or do we go for the wild, Trump?"

Not only is Cerrone voting for Trump, he's also for legalizing pot and a fighter's union. A union has been talked about for a long time in MMA, but has proved problematic. It seems like Cerrone is tired of the talk and wants action on all sides, even willing to throw his own hat in the ring.

"I'm f-cking pro union, man. I'll sit here and say it right now, I'm f-ckin one thousand percent—I'll be the guy. I'm not scared," Cerrone said. "We're one of the only sports teams who do not have a union. We have no direction, we have no one to stand up for the fighter's rights. If something bad were to happen to someone, no one bats him, it's just him alone."

Agree or disagree with his beliefs or politics, one thing is for sure, Cerrone does not lack passion or the fortitude to voice exactly how he feels. He doesn't care what you think, which is what people love and hate about him. Just like Trump.

"I'll gladly put my head on the chopping block and say I'll be the front face of this motherf-cker," Cerrone said.

Watch the full Cerrone interview below.


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