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Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone just won his last fight, and he's already itching to get back into the Octagon... because of course he is.

In fact, he's taken to Twitter to find himself his next opponent, and looks like he's willing to take on pretty much anyone. He issued an open challenge to anyone in the welterweight division to face him at at January 28 UFC event in Denver.

Just moments later, things were already heating up between he and Jorge Masvidal.

A Very Short Break For Cowboy

Cerrone is looking to fight on the card slated for the end of the January, which would mean Cowboy would have just a few weeks to rest after his third round victory over Matt Brown at , before having to jump right back in to fight camp again.

But that's nothing for Cerrone, who often spends his "rest time" scaling mountains, scuba diving and generally anything that puts his life at risk and increasess UFC President Dana White's blood pressure.

Cowboy always says he's willing to fight anyone, anywhere, anytime and he continues to prove that over and over. In fact, Cerrone fought four times in 2016 and four times in 2015, so he's got to start early in 2017 if he wants to keep up that trend.

This particular card is close to his heart as well as he splits his time between Denver and New Mexico.

Who would you like to see Cowboy face next? Tell me in the comments below.


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