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If you happen to follow NCAA wrestling (and/or MMA fighters who got their start there), then chances are you already know the name Cory Clark, a senior out of Iowa and four-time All American who placed second in last year's NCAA national championship at 133 pounds.

If you don't follow NCAA wrestling, you might know Clark from his absolutely savage, Conor McGregor-esque photoshops on Twitter.

At this weekend's NCAA tournament finals, however, Clark managed to grit through a nagging shoulder injury to capture his first ever national title, and the first individual title out of Iowa since 2014, by defeating South Dakota State's Seth Gross on points 4-3. And how did he celebrate this incredible feat, you ask?

Oh, only by belly-to-belly suplexing his assistant coach to a roaring applause.

As you can probably see in the video, the slam was actually the suggestion of said assistant coach, Terry Brands. As Clark told Hawk Central after the match.

I freaked out. I didn’t know what to do; kind of out of it out there,” he said Saturday night. “(Brands) said ‘Throw me. I go, ‘No.’ He goes, ‘Throw me.’ I said, ‘All right.’ I grabbed him and threw him. So that’s what happened."

And with it, we can only hope that this becomes the standard celebration for NCAA tournament winners moving forward. Whether it's wrestling, basketball, track & field, chess, or synchronized swimming shouldn't matter; we want to see every athlete start bodying their coaches with slams like these, and then eventually, one day, transition into full-on Stone Cold Stunners and Rock Bottoms.


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