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Kel Dansby

has been booed by fans for what seems like an eternity, but in all actually, it's only been since his first loss to Jon Jones.

Many MMA fans consider Jones the greatest fighter of all-time and Cormier's shredding of Jones' god-fearing persona didn't sit well with many fans, despite his words being true. That dislike only grew when Jones was forced to vacate the light heavyweight title due to suspension, which led to Cormier becoming the undisputed champion in his absence.

The two have been scheduled to fight twice since their first meeting and during both builds the crowd heavily favored Jones.

Neither fight came to fruition, Cormier was injured once and Jones ended up suspended again before the second, but somehow the fans keep both fighters in their original roles. Tonight, Cormier decided to stop fighting the villain perception, and embrace the hate.

Cormier taunted both and top light heavyweight contender immediately after defeating Anthony "Rumble" Johnson.

The promo Cormier cut during his post-fight interview is worthy of top heel (villain) status. This version of Cormier is one that can sell PPVs and garner interest.

Here's to hoping Cormier shows fans more of it.


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