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It looks like "Ill" Will Brooks not only knocks out fighters, but awesome dishes at home, as well.

Sure, your favorite fighter may be able to get it done in the Octagon, but how's their kitchen footwork? Have they been working on their sandwich game? If not, Brooks would be stiff competition in an MMA edition of "Master Chef."

On this debut episode of his Amateur Hour YouTube cooking show, Brooks, who has never missed weight in his MMA career, fixes up a massive, pan-fried chicken sandwich with homemade slaw and potato chips he cooked himself.

"Next time you want some Chick Fil-A, McDonald's or Wendy's, skip that," Brooks said. "Go to the grocery store, get yourself some chicken breast, get yourself some potatoes and make it all at home yourself. That way, you know how it's cooked, you know where it's coming from and it just tastes a lot better."

While they are in different weight classes, maybe Brooks and Dennis "The Menace" Bermudez can compete for the pound-for-pound MMA cooking title?

Check out the video of Brooks making that mean, chicken sandwich below.


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