ByJason Nawara, writer at
Jason Nawara

UFC featherweight and lightweight champion quietly walked on stage at the UFC 205 post-fight press conference and gingerly, proudly set his two belts on the table. This was Conor McGregor after the fight. We've seen his antics as nauseam before fights, but after his battles, win or lose, McGregor is an articulate, soft-spoken warrior.

Of course, he had a man take off his jacket in a very Ric Flair move, but that's fine. It was subtle. But things quickly picked up.

Conor McGregor announced that he was having a child as his first announcement, and followed that up with some sincere humor:

After saying he would spend some time with his family, he also reiterated that he was feeling good. He just dominated Eddie, and outside of a few bumps and bruises he was ready to go. But...

McGregor wants to change the game. He truly is here to take over. He wants a piece of the UFC, and he wants equity before he fights again.

He continued...

Can anyone blame him?


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