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may have spent the last few weeks enjoying himself and partying, but things are about to get serious very soon.

A boxing showdown with may not be signed yet, but according to his striking coach, , the Irishman will officially begin his fight camp this week. Roddy revealed as much to on Saturday. Speaking ahead of , Roddy said he’d been in dialogue with McGregor just hours earlier.

“We did a little bit a week or two ago, but training officially starts hard now when I get back on Tuesday,” Roddy said. “I was talking to Conor over the weekend and we’re getting going. I don’t think it’s officially signed yet, but it will be soon enough and it’s going to be an exciting one, yeah.”

The fight looks set to break all records with Dana White last week revealing that McGregor would likely take home a purse upwards of $75m. Roddy said he expects it to be the biggest moment of the UFC lightweight champion’s career, so far, and that he wouldn’t cut any corners in his preparations.

“Without a doubt, yeah man,” Roddy said when asked if this was the biggest fight of McGregor’s career so far. “Conor doesn’t slouch on any of his fights—when it’s time to go, it’s time to go. In between fights, he will take some time off and stuff, but when it’s time to get in and put the work in, nobody puts in more work. I think Conor knows this is going to be the biggest fight ever—it’s going to be astronomical man. Conor will leave no stone unturned and he will put the work in. He’s using the F.A.S.T program, Artem is as well. You can see the results the boys are getting from using that program. It’s going to be exciting—I’m buzzing just being a part of it. It’s going to be amazing.”

While some have written of McGregor’s chances from the outset, Roddy believes that McGregor’s power will be a telling factor on fight night.

“Yeah, it kinda comes with a different type of style, but for me, it doesn’t matter who—obviously, it’s Floyd Mayweather, he’s very hard to hit and that’s going to be the challenge, but at the end of the day, Conor only needs to land once and I’ve said this in every interview,” Roddy said. “He only needs to land once and he’s got more time now—he’s got 30-minutes now in there to land once. You can’t go against those odds, and anyone he lands on, they fall asleep so, that’s what I believe is going to happen."

Having witnessed McGregor’s progression from very early on in his career, Roddy says that his ability to work out his opponent’s style quickly will be a huge asset when he faces Mayweather.

“I believe it’s going to be tricky to land early on, but Conor’s very good at figuring people out,” Roddy said. “You watch him spar, and when a new person comes in, after a few exchanges Conor can read the guy and he can tell what shots are coming. I think that’s going to be the same scenario when it comes to Mayweather. It’s going to be an unbelievable fight and to be part of it, and to just help out, and to be there to witness it all [will be incredible].”

As every day passes, it seems that the prospect of a showdown becomes an ever increasing reality.


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