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Justin Golightly

Call him what you want, but Conor McGregor is a man of his word. Back in December amidst all the boxing talk, McGregor agreed to strut down the aisle in style and profile with boxer Michael Conlan at Madison Square Garden for his pro debut. The relationship started while hooking up McGregor with boxers in prep for Nate Diaz and grew from there. Tonight, it peaked as the champ-champ himself — draped in blue velvet — honored his promise and hoisted the Irish tricolor above his head.

“I’ve known Conor a good way now. I asked him would he walk with me [to the ring] and he said yes. Then I put him under pressure a bit [in person] in front of a crowd and he said he would be honored and he would love to. So he’s got a flight booked, and he’s here on Thursday.” — Michael Conlan told CBS Sports.

Just like that, Conor McGregor elevated a run-of-the-mill pro boxing debut into a frenetic, pay-per-view atmosphere. After a roaring walk-out, McGregor stayed ringside and screamed at Conlan during his fight like he did with every Artem Lobov fight on The Ultimate Fighter: Team McGregor vs. Team Faber.

The best part? Conlan won his fight in with a third-round TKO. Not only does the kid walk the walk, but he talks the talk. McGregor climbed the ropes with Conlan as a sea of green erupted. Surely this won't be the last time we see Conlan, but the $100 million question is if this is the last time we see McGregor in a boxing ring, or just the first? Only time will tell, but this certainly sent a huge message to the boxing world.


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