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Jason Nawara

The fallout from Daniel Cormier's injury leaves us with Max Holloway vs. Anthony Pettis for the UFC interim featherweight title as the headliner. That's right, astute MMA fan — if Pettis and Holloway are fighting for an interim featherweight title, does that put three (3) featherweight belts out in the wild to be defended?

What is happening here?

Conor McGregor is the featherweight champ, but Jose Aldo is the interim featherweight champ after defeating Frankie Edgar at . Now Jose Aldo won't fight because Conor won't defend his featherweight belt (or simply hasn't had the chance), and according to MMA Fighting, this means Conor will be stripped, Jose's belt will be promoted to the "real" featherweight title, and Holloway/Pettis will punch and kick their way to interim glory.

And YOU get a featherweight belt! And You get a featherweight belt!

We ALL get featherweight belts!

All of this is conjecture for now. Dana White has gone on record saying Conor won't be stripped of his title, especially after his history-making lightweight title win at . Why take away one of the most marketable stories from one of the most marketable fighters in your company? Why make Conor upset when he already is demanding part of the company?

As of this writing, Conor hasn't mentioned or even acknowledged this news on his Twitter account. Until then, this is just smoke, but we know in MMA that where there's smoke, there's probably breaking news that's going to make half of the fanbase extremely upset.


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