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Once again, it looks like stole the show at the most recent UFC 205 press conference. Between arriving late, stealing 's belt, nearly inciting a riot through throwing a chair, and being physically restrained by UFC President , McGregor once again lived up to his perceived personality.

If you haven't caught up with what went down tonight, don't worry, we've got you covered right HERE.

Of course, this isn't the first time we've seen fireworks from Conor McGregor when he appears in front of the bright lights of the media. The now infamous bottle throwing incident with and his entourage earned a cool $75,000 fine by the Nevada Athletic Commission. At times, it's hard to look past the cocky, hard exterior of McGregor, but when you do, a softer one can be found.

Whether its making time for his fans or snapping photos for little girls who have forgotten their cameras at home, Conor McGregor does possess a softer side. This facet of his personality was most recently on display when he bumped into a officer who struggled to hold back tears when meeting her hero.

The officer even claimed the incident was one of the best days of her life besides the birth of her children. It's always reassuring to see this side of Conor McGregor. As much as we love the snappy one-liners and cocky behavior, sometimes it's good to see a more human, empathetic side of the champ.

UFC 205 takes place at the Madison Square Garden Arena as the promotion makes its New York debut.


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