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Amy Kaplan

The highly anticipated, rumored bout between featherweight champ Conor McGregor and lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez seems to be falling apart before our very eyes.

Late Tuesday night, Alvarez tweeted a series of messages to McGregor seemingly asking him to sign a contract to fight him.

Early Wednesday morning McGregor replied to that challenge.

But, is it too late? It seems that according to UFC President Dana White, it is.

White tweeted that McGregor vs. Alvarez was "not true," and in fact, the bout being negotiated was Alvarez vs. Nurmagomedov, which seems to be collaborated by Nurmagomedov himself.

He also joined in the Twitter war by asking Alvarez to sign the contract for their proposed fight and stated that White had given him a "very generous birthday gift."

It's been reported that the hold up in the negotiations between McGregor and the UFC was due to McGregor wanting to retain his featherweight title in order to potentially become a two division champion.

Nurmagomedov is technically the next in line for the lightweight title as he's ranked number one in that division, but we all know that's not how fights are made.


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