ByJason Nawara, writer at
Jason Nawara

Conor McGregor ended his historic year in the Octagon at by saying he had to apologize to "absolutely no one." After the show in Madison Square Garden, he demanded shares of the UFC if he would fight on.

As we know, he was later stripped, er, relinquished of his featherweight belt by the UFC, with two men that he's beaten either being promoted to champion, or given a successful shot at the interim featherweight title.

His fans have let the UFC know what they think about turning a two-division champ into a single-division champ, but Conor, for the most part, has been uncharacteristically quiet about what has happened. He's made it known that he's still the UFC two-division champ, but we haven't been able to see articulate himself in a quiet environment. We need to know what the Notorious One thinks. Now we know.

In an interview with RTE Sport after winning Ireland's Sportsman of the Year, Mystic Mac quietly and calmly lets the world know that he's still out there, hustling and working towards an even greater legacy. That's hard to believe.


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