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The bigger the star you are, the bigger the opportunities you get.

It was only a matter of time before one of the most successful gaming franchises in history partnered up with Conor McGregor, the Ted DiBiase a.k.a. "Million Dollar Man" of the UFC. Call of Duty is an absolute juggernaut and featuring McGregor in the shooter was a recipe for success.

However, as COD: Infinite Warfare’s narrative director Taylor Kurosaki explained to Crave Online, doing business with wasn't without its speed bumps, especially when even simulated hand-to-hand combat is involved.

"I was showing [McGregor] what I wanted him to do—ok, so you come up to this guy, and you knock him with your rifle butt and that knocks him over to the side, then he starts to roll back over on his back and then you're there to ground and pound him," Kurosaki said. "I went through the motions and I rolled back over, he actually jumped on top of me, put his knee in my chest, punched the air."

"I could feel the wind move right here around my face and everyone was like—'Whoa, everyone okay? Everyone okay?' And I hopped up and I was like, 'it was no big deal, that was cool, that's exactly what I wanted you to do' and I felt fine," Kurosaki said.

Yet, the feeling of ease did not last. Surely, Kurosaki's life flashed before him when confronted within mere inches of McGregor's death knell of a left hand.

"Twenty seconds later, the sweat started to bead in my brow. My heart was racing. Adrenaline was flowing and I just couldn't control it because I had gotten this close to getting punched by the champ," Kurosaki said.

Something tells me may not feel that same reverence for McGregor's power when they fight each other at Madison Square Garden for .

Watch footage of McGregor filming for the game below and see the full interview with Kurosaki here.


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