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The title fight between UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt and former champ TJ Dillashaw hasn't been officially called off, but it looks more likely as information on Garbrant's potential injury begins to surface.

In a new video, posted to 's Instagram story you see him getting shots on his back.

The video shows a doctor injecting some liquid into Garbrandt's back multiple times. It appears as though this procedure which is the fourth time he's received it, will happen again according to Garbrandt who calls it the "first series of injections."

This kind of treatment is not done in the United States, which is why Garbrandt went to Germany. It's a fairly common procedure for professional athletes dealing with serious injuries. Although the specifics of the treatment are not known it's likely that Garbrandt is having a stem cell treatment like the one in the seen here.

Garbrant tweeted that he would be going to Germany for the procedure and that his should, "rest easy." Those tweets have since been deleted.

Flying to Germany tomorrow for my second back procedure in less than 3 months, rest easy @TJDillashaw your time will come.

— Cody Garbrandt (@Cody_Nolove) May 12, 2017

I tore my back over two months ago and did stem cells that didn't heal my back as I was told, now off to Germany for another procedure!

— Cody Garbrandt (@Cody_Nolove) May 12, 2017


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