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Justin Golightly

Sure, CM Punk made his UFC debut and was thrashed by Mickey Gall, but let's look at the positives and the fact that he may have gotten so much attention at that he could be fighting again, and pretty soon. Punk appeared on the MMA Hour and dropped one of his legendary "pipe bombs" from the days that he will fight again no matter where it is.

Punk would not go into detail on the 'private conversation', but assures that the idea is a "good one." As for when this may go down, Punk himself said he would look for a return in January or February depending on his food schedule. Hey, with the big eating holidays coming up back-to-back, you can't be mad at that.

"This is what I do now. This is what I'm going to do now. If I can do it for [Dana White], awesome," Punk said. "If not, I'll do it somewhere else and still bug you for tickets to your show."

Well, there you go. Who would be on the table for CM Punk to fight? Mike Jackson? Winner or loser of Sage Northcutt and Mickey Gall? It will be interesting to see what White has in mind or if Scott Coker will be giving Punk a ring for a fight in Bellator.


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