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Matt Juul

The 89th annual Academy Awards ceremony had more twists and turns than a back-and-forth brawl inside the Octagon, but not everyone was happy with how the 2017 Oscars went down.

superstar turned mixed martial artist CM Punk decided to weigh in on Hollywood's big night by raining on the parade of Casey Affleck, who beat out Denzel Washington to win Best Actor. The fighter threw some shade at the Manchester by the Sea star by comparing him to Warner Brothers' critically-panned supervillain team-up flick Suicide Squad, which also somehow won an Oscar on Sunday night.

Between Batfleck's little brother and Jason David Frank, the former green Power Ranger, CM Punk seems to be picking fights with a lot of celebrities these days.

CM Punk wasn't the only combat sports star who had issues with this year's Oscars, as UFC middleweight champion also had some things to say on social media. The brash British brawler couldn't handle Warren Beatty mistakenly declaring La La Land the Best Picture, when the award actually went to Moonlight.

Let's just say the champ and budding action movie star has some interesting ideas on letting the elderly handle big announcements,


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