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Josh Molina

Apparently the damage from Mickey Gall's 637 blows to CM Punk's head are starting to wear off. That's because Punk is done with his motivational speeches and is talking trash again, this time against one of the world's most famous and best athletes in the world, Cleveland Cavaliers NBA superstar LeBron James.

Somehow Punk got a gig commentating on the Chicago Cubs' World Series celebration. Punk is a lifelong Cubs fan, so, I guess, he has a little bit of authority to talk crap about people he perceives as being bandwagon fans. In this case, though, he is getting all worked up about whether King James is a true fan of the Cleveland Indians.

Who cares who James cheers for? Shouldn't Punk be in the gym somewhere learning how to stop a takedown or throw a right hand or take a lesson in humility?

Here's what he said about James, according to Cageside Seats:

"Let’s talk about LeBron James for a second, here. He’s a guy who was criticized because maybe six months ago, he was at an Indians game and he was wearing a Yankees hat. Proudly. He takes it off his head and he shows everybody. I don’t know what he’s thinking … To wear a Yankees hat while going to an Indians game, to me, is kind of crazy. Now all of a sudden, LeBron James is all 'Cleveland against the world.'"

Can Punk just get back to the WWE already. He doesn't have to be cool at everything he does. Stop talking trash and just go wrestle, isn't that good enough?


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