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So not everyone keeps up on their MMA and it's apparent that this TV reporter has no idea who featherweight Clay Guida is — and it's kind of hilarious.

Guida is a hardcore Chicago sports fan, and traveled with a group of like-minded friends to watch his team compete in the World Series. Like thousands of other Cubs fans hoping for the chance to win for the first time 108 years, he found his way onto the local news while screaming and singing, "go Cubs go!"

The group travelled in Guida's infamous RV from Chicago to Cleveland, and said they were put up in a firehouse by the Cleveland Fire Dept.

"I happened to have a friend who is a firefighter," Guida said. "That I know through the wrestling and MMA community."

Wait... is he talking about ??

While there's no proof that's who he means... we can use our imaginations.

He was at some games after all.

Guida's cameo only lasted a few moments, but you can relive his World Series experience through his feed below.

Guida faced off with Brian Ortega at UFC 199, but lost via a third round KO. No future fight has been scheduled, but it looks like that's all the best for him as all those hot dogs and beer can't be great for a weight cut.

The Cubs won the World Series too, in case you haven't heard yet.


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