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Kel Dansby

Christopher Daniels is the consummate veteran of the indie wrestling scene. With a career that spans nearly 25 years, Daniels had never reached the pinnacle of one of pro wrestling's best promotions, Ring of Honor.

Daniels had that chance at ROH's 15th Anniversary show and he made the most of what could've been his last title opportunity.

Daniels took on Bullet Club frontman and ROH champion, Adam Cole. The match was hard fought, and it wouldn't be a classic Daniels match without him leaking a few pints of blood, but Daniels showed the resolve a true veteran. Maybe his years of tough battles amongst the best pro wrestlers in the world sharpened Daniels' character?

Maybe he was fed up of being a constant runner-up? Maybe the stars just aligned and it was his night to break through?

Nonetheless, Daniels put it all together against Adam Cole and made sure that he left Las Vegas as a world champion. Considering that it had to follow the absolutely frantic pace of the Young Bucks vs. The Hardys vs. RPG Vice, Daniels and Cole managed to put on a show. With the theme of old veteran trying to outwit the young champion, Daniels vs. Cole was full of near falls, brutal spots and a nominal twist.

Not too long ago, Daniels best friend, Frankie Kazarian, turned on him to join Cole's Bullet Club stable. But a well-hatched plan was in place that saw Kazarian reunite with his Addiction tag team partner to turn the tables on Cole and help Daniels earn his first Ring of Honor championship.

Sure, the ROH 15th Anniversary was highly anticipated because of the addition of the Hardys and Young Bucks face-off, but Daniels made sure fans left knowing that he was the true star of the night.


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