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My fight against Gegard Mousasi at is just weeks away, and right now I’m ready to get back on track, put on a show, and run right through him.

I’m gonna make him panic, and I know I can because I’ve been there before, inside the Octagon against Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, and Vitor Belfort.

When I’m in training camp, I usually change my focus every week: one week I’m obsessed with striking, the next week I’m obsessed with jiu-jitsu, and other times I’m focused on wrestling. I’ve fallen in love with every single aspect of MMA, and even when I’m driving home after practice, I’m usually thinking about ways I can get better.

It’s very complex, and there’s a lot to learn. However, no amount of striking and grappling can replace strength and conditioning.

As I’ve learned to put all facets of MMA together, my training camps tend to focus more on specific skills. The conditioning aspect really becomes part of sparring, wrestling, and jiu-jitsu since nothing’s better for cardio than wrestling and jiu-jitsu.

However, I still do hill sprints once or twice a week. We used to push cars, but I don’t do that as much any more.

Strength and conditioning, while important for all fighters, can really help you do other things in the cage. It can give you a reason to push through tough spots when you’re in a fight, like if you’re in the third round of a fight, you can kind of reflect back on pushing through that uncomfortable time.

And that's exactly how I know I can make Mousasi panic, by making him uncomfortable. I mean, what can he really throw at me that Anderson, Machida, Vitor, Yoel, and Luke haven’t already?

On my feet, I’m gonna be trying to knock him out. I think I’ll surprise him on the feet and surprise him with my jiu-jitsu and the takedowns. Eventually he’s gonna be panicking when he realizes that he’s not gonna win. That’s when it’s all over.

So cardio and conditioning are just as much for your mind and they are for your body. They help you get through tough times in the cage, so it’s good for your mental.

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