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MMA fans all around the world will have been left disappointed by the climax of the co-main event, but no one will be as heartbroken as Chris Weidman, who now has a third loss in a row on his record.

The former UFC middleweight champion was ruled to have lost the bout via TKO after what can only be described as regulatory meltdown. Weidman looked distraught in the Octagon afterward and the feelings seemingly hadn't passed when he spoke to UFC on Fox backstage later in the evening.

"I'm pretty frustrated, I don't want to twist this thing up, I want to give Gegard respect, it was a good fight and it was nothing to do with him," Weidman said. "At the end of the day, it was completely not right you know. They called it an illegal knee and told me I had five minutes multiple times and then there's no such thing as instant replay in New York, but Dan went back to the replay and then said it was an illegal knee, but they aren't allowed to do that so how it possibly have been a stopped fight?"

Weidman then further explained that he can't understand how the bout could be ruled a TKO stoppage given that the referee paused the action due to what he thought was a strike to a grounded opponent.

"They can't go in the direction that it's like a TKO and that they stopped the fight because I was hurt," Weidman said. "They stopped it because he thought it was an illegal knee and once the ref does that--it's an illegal knee, he can't go to like a replay and switch it."

Reporter Megan Olivi then asked what he planned to do next and the former UFC champion had two simple things on his mind.

"An immediate rematch and an appeal," Weidman said. "I want to get three rounds with him, fair and square and I want to finish him. I felt great and what just happened sucks very badly and I feel bad for everybody that was watching back home and out here."

After apologizing to his fans, Weidman implied the recent changes made to the unified rules at the start of 2017 were what caused the confusion.

"Obviously for me it was not the way I wanted this to turn out," Weidman said. "I just wanted the right thing to happen and it's just a messy thing. I mean, first of all that rule just got changed, first of all it was one hand and then it's two hands. They stopped the fight because I thought my hands were down, but in the replay it wasn't. But, the ref thought it was and you can't go back on that by looking at replay--that's not legal."

With Weidman wanting a rematch and Mousasi seemingly game to grant him one, fight fans might not have to wait long before we see the two of them lock horns again in the Octagon.


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