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Life is starting to imitate art for former UFC middleweight champion ahead of his bout against Gegard Mousasi at this weekend's .

During his reign over the 185 lb. division, the Matt Serra/Ray Longo protege pretty much felt like Rocky Balboa after winning the title from Apollo Creed in Rocky II. Nothing could bring him down. These days, though, Weidman feels more like the fictional pugilist following his beat down by Clubber Lang in Rocky III.

In a new interview with ESPN's Brett Okamoto, Weidman admitted that a recent viewing of the third Rocky flick made him question a few of his training decisions. In the film, Rocky is a superstar boxing champ who ends up losing his edge in the fight game thanks to his newfound celebrity, something Weidman could relate to.

As Rocky's trainer Mickey says in the movie, "The worst that could happen to a fighter happened to you - y'got civilized."

"I'm watching it and it just hits me: 'Is that me?'" Weidman told ESPN. "He's living in a nice house, got the family, everything is nicer. I started in my parents' basement. I had nothing. I was picking the mouthpiece off the floor. I was in a 'Rocky I' looking gym. Dirty, old gym with no lockers. That's where I grew from."

He added, "In the pit of my stomach I said, 'Man, I can't believe this might be me.' I turned to my wife and said, 'Maybe I should go to my parents and see if I can stay in their basement the rest of camp.'"

While Weidman didn't end up leaving his family to get back to his roots, he did find a way to balance his training with his kids by relegating himself to a spare bedroom in his garage during camp. The former champ hopes the solitude will help him focus for his upcoming fight with Mousasi.

And if that ends up failing, maybe he can start doing beach jogging sessions with Serra and Longo in Long Island. Cue the music.


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