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In an evening filled with strange and unpredictable occurrences, the ending of Chris Weidman and Gegard Mousasi's co-main event easily took the cake. After stunning Weidman with a flurry at the beginning of the second round, "The Dreamcatcher" hit Weidman with a pair of knees that were first deemed illegal, then legal, and then just kind of shrugged over before Mousasi was ultimately declared the winner by TKO.

Thanks to the recent rule changes which relate to the exact scenario that caused referee Dan Miragliotta to stop the action, no one still really seems to know just where Mousasi's knees landed in terms of legality, let alone why the fight was not ruled a No Contest in light of the confusion. As the whole bizarre situation played out, however. there was no one in the arena more bewildered and angered than Weidman's cornermen, Ray Longo and Matt Serra.

Courtesy of Instagrammer @as_shopped_as_it_gets_, we now have a little better understanding of just what was going down in the Octagon on Saturday night, and perhaps more importantly, how much it pissed off two of MMA's most infamous coaches.

As it turns out, a major factor that led doctor's to declare Weidman unfit to continue stemmed from his inability to name the correct day, or even month (he thought it was February), when asked.

"He don't ever know what day it is," quipped Serra.

"F*cking bullsh*t," added Longo.

The two then went after both Miragliotta and Mousasi, throwing some colorful words around while trying to sort out whether the knees were legal or not, which was more or less a microcosm of the fight itself.

Longo: "He was f*cking winning that fight too."

Serra: "I told you that motherf*cker is a dirty-"

Miragliotta: "They watched the replay, it was legal."

Serra: "It was legal?"

Weidman: "There was no way that was legal! There's no way!"

Serra: "Come on Dan, are you kidding Dan? How is that legal?"

Longo: "Motherf**ker!"

For what it's worth, Weidman has stated his intentions to file an appeal of the decision, and Mousasi has already offered him a chance at a rematch in Holland, so maybe this mess can be sorted out in the cage like the good Lord intended. Until then, we'll just have to wait and see whether the NYSAC reverses the current decision – and boy, what a hodgepodge of nonsense that is set to be.


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