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It looks like Chris Jericho is going to add one more person to his "list."

Jericho apparently got into a scrap with Sin Cara on Sunday at the taping of Monday Night Raw in Glascow, Scotland.

Cara, whose real name is Jorge Arias, was apparently annoying Jericho and other wrestlers on the travel bus, making odd noises. Jericho told him to stop and Arias reportedly told him to "F-ck off!"

Jericho may be only be 5' 10", but he's three inches taller than Sin Cara and everyone should know by now that you don't mouth off to Jericho. He's been in behind-the-scenes fights with everyone from Brock Lesnar to Bill Goldberg. Sin Cara, formerly Mistico, also reportedly got into a backstage fight with wrestler Simon Gotch earlier this year.

The two argued and Arias apparently threw a right hand that may have connected to Jericho's head. Jericho also allegedly bit Arias during the scuffle, which was broken up by other wrestlers.

Jericho posted this video to Instagram, making an odd reference to the incident.

Jericho, 45, is one of pro wrestling's icons. He enjoyed massive success during the WWE's famed late 1990s Attitude Era, and has recently re-emerged as a primary Raw character, playing a Thurston Howell-ish, stuck-up, prissy snob who insists on impressing his "best friend' Kevin Owens, the WWE Universal Champion.

Cara was apparently kicked off the bus. The WWE will likely not address the skirmish on television, unless it is able to make it part of an on-camera storyline.


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