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Design wizard. MMA mathematician. Formerly of Middle Easy, Justin Golightly has been featured on Bleacher Report, Uproxx and TMZ.
Justin Golightly

While keeping all of humanity waiting with bated breath, the UFC built up suspense to a boiling point and then finally revealed the full UFC 205 card, causing a fever pitch.

In case there were some people out there who still needed hyping—even after yesterday's fiery press conference—artist Boss Logic came out of the gate with two incredible UC 205 event posters.

The first poster is a neon-lit trip down the hall of legends. Rising up from Madison Square Garden are all the giant athletes from all sports that have graced the prominent New York venue with their presence. Towering above them all, is Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez.

The last poster is more stark and singular in focus. Liberty Island floats, surrounded by an Octagon as the Statue of Liberty raises the UFC Lightweight and UFC Featherweight belts high above her head. The image says it all.

Check out these awesome posters in full glory, print them out, put them in your locker and give Boss Logic props.


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