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Staredowns: When they're intense, they're great, and when they're bizarre, they're still great. It doesn't take a degree in astrophysics to understand the appeal behind putting two people who despise one another face-to-face and seeing what happens, and the UFC . Just look at how Tim "The Dirty Bird" Means mocked rival Alex Oliveira over the result of their previous No Contest at UFC 207 during today's UFC Fortaleza media day.

But not all staredowns are filled with such vitriol. No, there are a lot of MMA fighters out there who actually treat these ceremonies as an opportunity to show off their comedic side, believe it or not, and the results are more often than not a welcome breath of fresh air. A few examples...

That time Rampage Jackson punked Jon Jones

Newer MMA fans might not know this, but there was a time in Jon Jones' career where he liked to stare past his opponents at weigh-ins and press events as a way of psyching them out. That was, until Rampage Jackson made an absolute fool out of him at the UFC 135 pre-fight press conference. Though Jones would ultimately have the last laugh, his thousand yard stare hasn't been seen since.

Yves Edwards: Lover of KC Masterpiece BBQ potato chips

Cutting weight is awful. It dehydrates you, weakens you, and generally makes your body, mind, and spirit feel like The Big Show's body odor probably smells.

As Tycen Lynn's "cheat day" video blog showed us, every fighter has a go-to food to replenish their system after a hard weight cut, and for Yves Edwards, that food is KC Masterpiece BBQ chips. Which is why, only seconds after making weight for his 'Fight for the Troops 2' bout against Cody McKenzie, he helped himself to a bag of them right then and there. He even offered McKenzie some because hey, why not offer an olive branch to a guy you're about to beat into unconsciousness?

It's all fun and games until Anderson Silva puts on a Halloween mask

Vitor Belfort is an lion. He has always been a lion. If you do not refer to him as such, you will quickly find yourself staring up at the lights from your hospital bed and wondering why you ever dared question his lion-ness.

As we all learned on Planet Earth, the only thing in nature that can possibly scare a lion is a ghost, which explains why Vitor when from cheerful to kill mode in the span of about 1.2 seconds when facing off against Anderson Silva in a ghost/Jabbawockeez mask at the UFC 126 weigh ins. Unfortunately for Belfort, it's just a fact of life that lions will never be able to defeat ghosts in unarmed combat. They just don't have the technology.

Staring down (or up) the "Skyscraper"

When 5'11'' Pat Barry and 7' Stefan Struve met on the UFC Live 6 main card back in 2011, they set a record for the largest height discrepancy between opponents in UFC History. It was a discrepancy that "HD" had a lot of trouble disguising at the event's weigh-ins, as you might imagine.

That time Jon Jones and Anthony Johnson scared the pants off Dana White

Remember that time Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier =42s">got into an all-out brawl at the UFC 178 press tour? Well, ever the prankster, "Bones" thought it would be funny to recreate the fiasco while facing off with Anthony "Rumble" Johnson at the UFC 187 media day just a few months later. Rumor has it that Dana White does not attend a media day, press conference, or weigh-in without wearing Depends to this day.

Special Distinction: Everything Sean O'Connell has ever done

If you're a fan of staredown pranks that *don't* involve destroying an entire lobby or making your boss wet himself, then boy oh boy is Sean O'Connell the fighter for you. Whether it's challenging his opponents to an impromptu game of rock-paper-scissors, posing for a selfie, or engaging in a pre-fight ritual of protein drinks, O'Connell has easily earned a place in MMA's Amazing Staredown Hall of Fame, which I've just been informed is not nor has it ever been a thing.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Tom Lawlor

The "Just Bleed" guy. Harold Howard. Conor McGregor. These are just a few of the characters that Tom Lawlor has donned at the weigh-ins throughout the course of his MMA career. The man is nothing if not a tapestry of rich history and inspiration, and on this day, we celebrate him.

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